About Us

Author Deb ‘Danny’ Glenn is a professional dog musher who has driven with her expedition team over 10,000 miles in the wilds of United States back country – through blinding blizzards, sub-zero camp trips and icy trails near treacherous mountain drop-offs.  They cling together with symbiotic dance, their many adventures…best friends appreciating the dynamic simplicity of life within the healing lure of nature.  It is raw. But their appreciation of each other - their mutualistic bond keeps them coming back.

Aashka is the littlest sled dog belonging to Glenn, aka ‘Musher Mama’ at Midnight Moon Kennel.  Aashka is a descendant of the wolf, the wind and the wild. Her sense of wonder is what makes her heart soar, and her loving and adventuresome spirit will forever touch the lives of those around her.

The Aashka Adventures Book Series was created as a tribute to Aashka and her trail mates.  Glenn uses the antics of her Alaskan sled dog rescues within the healing lure of nature to help others through the love and wisdom they impart.  Readers are inspired with positive stories that highlight core values such as honesty, respect, diligence and responsibility as they poignantly reveal the special bonds between dogs and humans. 

Glenn believes that animals and nature have been inspiration to humankind since the beginning of time, and can attest to how the dogs in her stories reach readers more deeply and effectively than stories of people because “ we naturally identify with them”.  Each book has a theme, and the series deals with some  life’s toughest issues through the world of animation and wilderness intrigue.  Together Readers gain powerful insight into experiences and struggles we all face at one time or another in our life.  Each book nurtures  a take-away lesson of hope, faith, love, and promise, and exemplify fortitude, humility, integrity and gratitude. 

It is our desire that lives can be made better through the powerful messages found within the pages of each book, and that readers will connect in special ways to facilitate life learning, and that regardless, or in spite of, you can find joy in being the best version of yourself you can be.